By the end of this e-book, you'll know everything you need to start making stunning pictures. Not just snapshots, real photographs! 

After you've been enviously looking at all those perfect images on Instagram, you're probably in a state right between "Dammit, I'll never be that good, hashtag sad face..." and "Dammit, I've had it! Time to up my photo game!". Well, one of these two is the wrong kind of thinking, so it's time to get rid of that sad face!

The way to developing your photo-taking skills is probably shorter than you might think. I could babble around here for an hour or two, but you probably bought this book because you're eager to learn something. So let's get to it!

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“The Basics of Creative Photography” is a very short introduction to this vast subject. Its main goal is to give you the possibility to internalize the basic principles of good photos and apply those to your own images, using your own imagination and ideas, but without going overboard with too many and too technical explanations. Just the necessities to send you off to your own journey. We shortly delve into the essential (but painless) details on how to use a camera, and learn how to manually expose photos, to gain full creative freedom and control over the gear. Below's the table of contents, so you get an idea of what awaits:



1. The Rules of the Game
Don’t Break the Rules
Bend ’em

2. Composition
Rule of Thirds
Leading Lines
Parallel Lines, Patterns and Symmetry
Natural Framing Figure to Ground Negative Space

3. Searching for the Picture
Get Inspired Open your Eyes Do it Yourself

4. A Little Gear Talk
Phone Accessories The Real Deal What Do You Need

5. Technicalities
Manual or Auto
The Exposure Triangle Examples
Some Pointers

6. Farewell Words

7. About the Author

8. How to Share