So Little Time!

Hey Photonauts!

As I haven't posted any videos in a while, I thought I'd better update you on what's going on! I'm still alive if you were wondering! I just had so much stuff in my life lately, that I just wasn't able to record anything. Thanks for bearing with me and I'm really sorry guys!

I'm still in a stage of the channel where I have to 100% rely on other things to survive. Lately, I had so much work that I wasn't able to do anything but reply to all the comments that you guys have been putting under the videos. Honestly though, this makes me so incredibly happy! Talking to all of you is exactly what I was hoping for with ThePhotonauts. Our little community is growing (we're at almost 500 now on the channel!) and I try to answer all of the questions you're sending! Yes, I'm going to do more camera reviews too, as that's one of the things you (and.. uhm... yeah, myself too :D ) are enjoying the most. Thank you for all the nice comments about you liking my photos too, I was blushing without interruption! You're really pushing me to post new videos as soon as I can. I will, I promise.

Little spoiler here, or let's rather call it blog-exclusive information ;) I'm soon going to get a Canon M6, so I always have a small capable video camera with me. Of course, I'm going to try and make an unboxing/review video of the thing as well!

I have been able to finally update my portfolio though (after many, many months)! So, If you want to look at some of my photos, head over to!

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