New video! FLASHBACKS - My Return to ANALOG Photography in TOKYO

Hey Photonauts!

After many years, I've gotten back into analog photography. Just a little in the beginning, with these two compact point-and-shoot cameras I bought before going to Japan, namely a Yashica T5 and a Rollei Prego AF. But frankly, it's gotten worse, fast. I got a Canon AE-1 Program, which I absolutely love, a Canon AF35 ML, a Canonet 28, some Polaroid stuff and finally, I got myself a used Leica M7 for a good price... As the saying goes, shoot film, stay broke! So... I can't afford to buy a lens for the Leica at the moment! 😅

I'm even starting to scan and develop my own film again. It's a whole process, but I'm really enjoying it right now! If you haven't done it in some time, give it a shot! I'm sure you won't regret it. Except for that wallet...

Jan SchwarzComment